Institute for Cultural Management

The foundation for cultural management studies in Baden-Württemberg was laid when it was included in the cultural development plan in 1990. Thus the Institute of Ludwigsburg is one of the first institutes to offer this kind of education in Germany (detailed information in German on the history of the institute here). These are the three main services which are offered today:

1. Cultural Sciences and Cultural Management

The graduate program “Cultural Sciences and Cultural Management” is one of the most elaborate studies in the field. The high share of courses in cultural sciences is the unique selling proposition of the Institute of Ludwigsburg. The minimum admission requirement is an undergraduate degree (e.g. cultural sciences or business administration) of which certain courses can be accepted. The program starts every year in the winter term and ends after four semesters with the academic degree “Master of Arts” (M.A.). Applications are accepted from March to the middle of June.

2. Post-graduate refresher "Cultural Management"

The post-graduate refresher course “Cultural Management” offers people from the cultural field the possibility to deepen and update their knowledge. The program offers intensive seminars which are held on Fridays and Saturdays. 
The amount and combination of seminars can be freely chosen and the courses are attested separately. Students who strive for a certificate from the university have the possibility to finish their studies by taking a written exam after a certain amount of seminars. To register for the seminars is possible without a formal application and without being enrolled at the university.

3. Scientific research

Scientific research and consulting are also services of the Institute of Cultural Management. Through projects, the lectures and students work together with cultural enterprises on concepts to solve real problems. The master theses in the graduate program generally focus on case studies in the field of empirical cultural studies too. Both of the professors supervise dissertations which link practical research topics from the field with the prospect of scientific development.




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Master Cultural Sciences

Further information on the Master of Cultural Science and Management in German.

Scientific research

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Post-graduate refresher

Further information on the refresher course in German.