Ellen Heidelberger M.A.Ellen Heidelberger, MA

Ellen Heidelberger, MA

Academic staff

Short biography:

BA Library and Information Management, Stuttgart (2009–2012) and MA in Cultural Studies and Cultural Management, Ludwigsburg (2012–2014). Practical experience in libraries and theatres. Doctoral student (under the supervision of Prof. Thomas Knubben) and member of academic staff at the Institute of Cultural Management in Ludwigsburg since 2014.


Knowledge and information management, project management, empirical methods of cultural research.


Ellen Heidelberger, MA
PH Ludwigsburg
Institut für Kulturmanagement
Reuteallee 46
71634 Ludwigsburg


Phone: 0049 7141/140-504
Fax: 0049 7141/140-693
Mail: heidelberger(a)ph-ludwigsburg.de