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Research project: cultural cooperatives

Cultural cooperatives are a relatively recent phenomenon in the cultural sector. They focus on cooperation and collaboration within and beyond the cooperatives. But researching and contacting other cooperatives and maintaining mutual communications and support can be time-consuming and laborious. This website aims to make the process easier. The project was initiated by City University London and developed in collaboration with it. It aims to spread the idea of cultural cooperatives and promote mutual support and solidarity between them.


At the same time, the website accompanies a research project by the Ludwigsburg Institute of Cultural Management that examines the potential of cultural cooperatives in Germany as compared to other countries. Those looking for suitable forms of organisation or alternatives to the frequently isolating, insecure and stressful employment options in the cultural sector will also find information about the management model of cultural cooperatives.


To find out why cultural cooperatives are a promising model for the cultural sector, please refer to the section Why? and the Resources.

If you are interested in case studies from your region or a specific field or industry in the cultural sector, start with the Directory. It provides an overview of existing cultural cooperatives. The list is updated regularly. Please get in touch if you know of any other examples. We are happy about any new partnerships.




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