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Mission Statement

Mission statement

Our profile:

Cultural management creates space for culture and art. This requires

  • suitable concepts for contemporary issues
  • far-sighted approaches to future issues.

Our mission:
We impart decision-making competences in the field of cultural management.

They are:

  • economic expertise (management skills),
  • knowledge of the social sciences (empirical research methods),
  • transferable skills in cultural policy and cultural studies (awareness of social and artistic processes and developments).


Our features:
Learning in Ludwigsburg is rooted in discourse and dialogue. This approach benefits students, researchers and consultants alike. We offer a systematic overview of the relevant topics, an academically rigorous perspective on the subject, and engagement with current practical issues. All subjects are taught with an international outlook.

We address topics from a broad range of sectors in an interdisciplinary manner: from theatre, museums, art, literature and music to the creative industry, cultural tourism and public administration.

We integrate the economic and administrative disciplines with cultural studies and the humanities in an evidence-based, collaborative approach.

We transcend borders by working with students and lecturers from all areas of Germany and abroad. For our projects, internships and overseas placements, we work closely with our international partner institutes.

Our offer:
The Ludwigsburg Institute of Cultural Management offers two courses and two services:

  1. an MA in Cultural Studies and Cultural Management (full-time)
  2. a diploma course for professionals (part-time) 
  3. research (doctoral dissertations, field research, academic publications, externally funded projects),
  4. consultancy (projects, peer review, concepts).


Our vision:
Using cultural management to facilitate the creation of art and culture.

Creating space for art and culture. Under any circumstances.

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