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The Institute of Cultural Management in Ludwigsburg offers sound degree courses in a friendly atmosphere. Our students benefit from one of the oldest, most renowned cultural management courses in Germany. It combines academic studies with extensive practical components and is located in one of Germany’s richest cultural areas: Baden-Wu?rttemberg.

The Institute of Cultural Management is part of the Ludwigsburg University of Education, a modern campus university with 5500 matriculated students and the full right to confer doctoral and post-doctoral degrees. A wide range of cultural activities enliven student life at the Ludwigsburg University of Education. Our beautiful campus offers many opportunities for exchange with fellow students. Nearby, the vibrant city of Stuttgart enables aspiring professionals to combine the theoretical and practical elements of their education in an attractive, versatile cultural environment.

The Institute of Cultural Management has adopted an interdisciplinary approach. It embodies the collaboration of economics and the humanities and transcends academic boundaries to maintain a productive exchange with international partner institutions.

Its mission is to provide economic tools for decision-making processes in the field of cultural management, train new cultural and social scientists and impart transferable interdisciplinary skills.

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